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Between the Sugar Creek and the Wildcat Creek you’ll find the most fertile land in Indiana, known as the Twelve-Mile Prairie. Our farm lies in the center of this unique land and has been farmed by our families since 1944. The Anderson Family Flower Farm has a rich history connected to the land we farm and the generations of family memories created at our homestead. We are a diversified working farm, raising corn, soybeans, and now flowers.

Our passion for the prairie comes from the sky. The landscape is expansive, the horizon is unobstructed, and the views go on for miles. Everyday we are greeted by an awe-inspiring sunrise that makes the morning dew glisten, greeting our day with beauty and grace. As we work our fields and unpretentiously care for our land, we end each day in front of the breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky with rich, bold colors of orange and red; followed by a star-lit sky that makes your mind wander and dream.

We rely on God’s goodness as we faithfully continue to farm this great land. Some days, we notice the smell of the air changes, rain must be on the horizon. We pick up our tools, and take a seat on the porch as we watch the rain clouds in the distance. Only on the prairie can you watch a rainstorm approaching from miles away, after soaking the thirsty land it leaves to water the distant fields. On this farm, we celebrate the weather, the seasons, and the fertility of the land. The daily tending of our flowers  is a labor of love. Our flowers are grown in soil of untouched prairie. The natural fertility and the prairie winds make our flowers strong and healthy. Our growing practices also come from the sky, as we rely on the lunar cycle to guide us. We plant, fertilize and harvest according to the moon, an age old farming practice passed down for generations.

We have been farming and making memories on our farm for four generations. Now we are growing flowers and invite you to bring your families out to the farm to create your own memories and see why we love the Twelve-Mile Prairie we call home.

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The farmer sows the word. (Mark 4:14)

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Flower Farmer & Owner

As the Head Grower, Lois touches each plant that grows on the farm. She is responsible for choosing the flowers we grow, start the seeds, and tend to the plants in the field. She takes great pride in her work, and is thrilled to have people come out to the farm to walk through the beds of flowers and go home with a bountiful bouquet!



Farm Owner

Stan is a 3rd generation owner of the farm. He has fond memories from his childhood growing up here. His main role is managing the commercial corn and soybean operation that he and his brother, Don run. It delights him to diversify the farm with flowers, and he is a strong supporter of Lois and her work.


Farm Manager & Assistant Grower

Don is Stan's younger brother, and also shares many wonderful memories of the farm. Their father was an avid gardener, and Don chose to follow in his footsteps. He has owned a successful landscaping business for 30 years, and is now returning to the family farm to help with crop production management and growing the flowers.



Farm Florist & Marketing Manager

Lyndsay is Don's daughter, and while she didn't grow up on the farm, she remembers many days spent playing with cousins and gardening with her dad and grandparents. She ended up following her passion for horticulture and got a degree from Purdue University. She teaches our floral workshops and organizes events and social media. It is her dream to help the family flourish and continue the farm tradition for many years to come!

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